Here are some comments from previous alumni of Cambridge Choral Academy to whet your appetite!

“Lovely to experience staying in a college in Cambridge”

“This weekend has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed every minute. Particularly enjoyed the small group singing.”

“So much energy and lots of excellent tips. And all the singing! Whole course really well organised!”

“I also really enjoyed the formal dinner, the food, wine and port were delicious! And, for someone who is usually extremely shy, I felt at ease very quickly and actually really loved meeting everybody on the course; tutors and fellow course attendees alike. It was a weekend I will never forget.”

“A wonderful weekend of learning and music making. It was unforgettable. I’ll definitely be recommending it to my fellow choir members”

“Thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing, I loved every minute!”

“It’s been absolutely glorious to be making music in such an historic place”

“The most amazing time….a privilege to be able to sing and stay in St Catharine’s and sing in Sidney Sussex and Clarel”

“Really helped my development as a singer and choir member”

“The programme was perfect and although I came home tired, it was incredibly uplifting”

“I enjoyed so much meeting the other singers”

“Fabulous weekend… great music and lovely people. We are really inspired”

“The formal dinner was very special”

“A great source of joy and impromptu music making”

“The lecture made me felt immersed in the academic world of Cambridge”

“Arguably the best 700 pounds I have spent”

“Worth every penny”

“The experience was delightful”

“Enjoyed the social time with interesting people from all round the UK and abroad”

“The formal dinner catering was really excellent”

“Thanks to you for this fabulous weekend with perfect organization, great music and lovely people. We are really inspired”

“The formal dinner was very special”



Cambridge Choral Academy