Singing Retreat Music Pack

The Cambridge Connection

Here is your music pack for the April Singing Retreat!  Just click the links below to see the work online or to download them,  Copies have been purchased so there are no copyright issues, but please don’t share these.  We hope you can find time over the summer to familiarise yourself with the pieces so that we can spend less time note-bashing and more time making music.  If you’re printing the pieces off to learn them, please bring them with you to avoid double printing – but just let us know if you need us to provide printed copies for you.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little rusty – try Edward’s “dusting off the cobwebs” video.  You could also practice singing along with with a Youtube video by one of the Cambridge choirs.  Enjoy!

  1. Ayleward responses
  2. Stanford in B flat
  3. Tye Omnes gentes
  4. Walmisley in D minor
  5. Wood Oculi omnium
  6. Weir Ave regina
  7. Psalm 61
  8. Psalm 121
  9. Hymn 86 My song is love unknown
  10. Hymn 84 It is a thing most wonderful
  11. Tallis O nata lux
  12. Tallis Te lucis ante terminum